Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I've moved...

to my new location on Wordpress.

Sierra Springs Photo Blog

I'm not quite willing to give up Beemused because it's been so close to my heart for 3 years. But, for now I'm posting over at the new joint...

I would love it if you came by.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Face your Manga

Are we the cute couple or what? They didn't have a camera, but I did add the kitchen background for chef hubster. (Is it my imagination, or does he look a little like a mad scientist?...Oh well, mad scientist, mad chef, what's the dif?)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Girl's Night Out: Izzy's Burger Spa & Traveling Pants

Last week my daughter and niece invited me to go to dinner and a movie to celebrate the end of summer. I realize it wasn't really the end of summer, but the girls were returning home the next day and school was starting this week for my son and I fully expected to return home from Tahoe this week. (It turned out a little different as I am stubbornly still in Tahoe.)

At any rate...I was quite flattered that they wanted me to go with them. We invited my youngest son to go with us, but when he found out we were going to see a movie with the word "Sisterhood" in it, he thought there would be way too much estrogen going on in the theater for him to feel comfortable. And besides, he had never been to Izzy's and any new restaurant is extremely suspect to him for fear that they may put some sort of sauce or veggie on the burger rendering it inedible.

So, we headed out to Izzy's Burger Spa in South Lake Tahoe, CA, for a quick burger before the movie started.

Izzy's has some of the best burgers in South Lake Tahoe, in my humble opinion. The girls agreed. Daughter (above) shows off one of her favorites: Veggie Burger.

Darling niece and I both ordered a grilled onion burger. I love the onion burger, but I think my favorite is the cheese burger...a true American burger.

We enjoyed our dinner out on the large patio at picnic tables with umbrellas. There is also seating available inside, but why would anyone want to eat inside when they can enjoy eating on the patio? No reason I can think of.

After dinner, we headed over to Stateline, NV, to go to the movie theater in the Horizon Casino. There are two theaters in South Lake Tahoe, both of them are within walking distance at in Nevada and one in California. So, most of the new movies are available when we are up here.

We were pushing the time a little and arrived at the theater about 5 minutes before the movie, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Part 2, started. The theater was almost full, so we had to sit in the third row...which is a little close to the screen, for me. After we sat down, I looked around to see who all the people were and my son was absolutely right about not coming to this movie. The house was packed with women and young gals...except for 3 guys. I really felt sorry for those three guys and I'm glad my 15 year old was not the 4th because I never would have heard the end of it.

Anyway, watching this very girly chick-flick with about 150 other women, all ohhhhing and awwing and sobbing in unison was quite the experience. My daughter and niece kept looking at me to see if I was crying and then they would look at each other and laugh...the little stinkers know me better than I thought. (I still cry at the Disney version of Beauty and the Beast. Sigh.)

Ah well, I had a great time with the girls...good meal, good movie and great company.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Lazy Days of Summer

Do you remember when you were a teen and spent the summer days reading a good "mind candy" book on the beach or inside in a cool place?

They call these days "Salad Days"...days of youth and inexperience. Days when you were young and naive. Days to make memories.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Happy anniversary to my husband and me

I took this photo of this darling young couple this past weekend, but saved it for today. These two are about the same age as the hubster and I were when we got married 25 years ago today.

I still love my darling hubby to pieces. He's perfect in every way...

I'm pretty lucky.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

When will I ever wear that dress again?

What do you do with the wedding dress after the party is over? You could save it for a future potential daughter, but face it gals...did you wear your mother's wedding dress?

No. You got your own and it is still hanging in the closet waiting.

And waiting...

And waiting...right next to your mother's wedding dress.

It could be waiting for just this occasion...a "Trash the Dress" photo shoot.

These beautiful dresses were donated to these darling models to help them (and some "starving" photographers) build up portfolios. I'm not sure I could do this with my wedding dress, but I might think about it.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Las Mujeres Perfectas

Reader's Digest version of our Retreat.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Friends forever

Some good friends of mine came to visit me over the weekend. They are from Southern California and I have known some of them for 20 years. They have been coming to Tahoe to visit me every year for the last five years and I greatly look forward to it every year. It's always very relaxing and refreshing.

This year we had fun, as always. We went wine touring to some of the local wineries, we ate out at some great Tahoe restaurants...Heidi's Pancake House, Ernie's Restaurant, Izzy's Burger Spa...and we hung out here at the cabin talking about the things women talk about when they've been friends for years, but don't see each other very often.

These are my closest friends and I'm already looking forward to next year.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Yum Times 11

Saturday night we went over to a local fine dining restaurant here in the area to take some food photos for the owner/chef. We set up a little table in the back patio with a table cloth, table setting and napkin. Then, the chef would make the dish that he wanted me to photograph, my husband and I would take about 15-20 photos of the dish, moving around to get the best angle and turning the hot lights off and on and moving them around for the best light.

Then, the best part...we got to eat the food. After that, we would take the empty dish back to the kitchen and the chef would send out the next dish...usually paired with a nice glass of wine.

That went on through 7 wonderful dishes. We had smoked salmon (cold and hot), shrimp, mushroom pastries, salads, steak and sides and veggies. It was heaven.

My husband and I picked a quiet little spot in the lovely patio area of this restaurant, and even though we were hot and sweaty from the hot lights and food stained from the drips of tasty food that didn't quite make it into our mouths, we had the time of our life. It was romantic and relaxing in a weird sort
of way.

We also went into the kitchen during the height of activity to take some photos of the chef and his staff.

As if this weren't enough and just when we thought we were done, he disappeared into his refrigerator and emerged with 4...count them...1, 2, 3, 4...different divine desserts for me to photograph.

The only disppointment was that we were too full to taste them all, after they had been photographed. We did share a wonderfully tart lemon tart with some dessert wine.

As I was heaven.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


This photo almost looks like it's supposed to be this way, huh? Actually, I turned it upside down for fun.

I'm trying to get my photography business started up and I feel all kind of topsy-turvy, so I thought this photo was appropriate.

I'll be starting a new photography only blog and I'm not sure if I will be continuing this blog or not...

My new blog is a Wordpress blog because I can have more control over the way it looks and I can use larger photos. My genius brother has set one up for me but the learning curve is a big one for me. It may take a couple of weeks before I get it truly off the ground. So...

...I've been reflecting.